Saturday, July 7, 2018

July Sale - Christmas Words/Sayings

In Stock Canvases -- 30% off
Special Order Canvases -- 20% off
(excludes club canvases)

 & More BECK-183

Anne Brinkley MT-853

Amanda Lawford DO-165

Alice Peterson X-125

Alice Peterson X-272

Alice Peterson X-284

A Poore Girl Paints APCH-02

A Poore Girl Paints APCH-03

A Poore Girl Paints APCH-04

Associated Talents M-182

Associated Talents M-201

Associated Talents M-202

Associated Talents M-203

Associated Talents BG-901LR Jingle

Associated Talents BG-901LR Santa

Brenda Stofft B-314

CBK Needlepoint KSH-SS21

CBK Needlepoint LM-SS02

Copper Oaks SWB-1078

CanvasWorks CO-34B

 CanvasWorks CO-39B

CanvasWorks CO-39C

CanvasWorks CO-40B

CanvasWorks CO-41A

Danji ZIA-51

Danji ZIA-52

Dream House Ventures VH-3658

Dream House Ventures VH-3682

The Meredith Collection S-175

Funda Scully FS-Naughty Wine

Heidi 130

Heidi 188

Hilary Jean Designs S-11-18

Julie Mar 598

Julie Mar 599

Julie Mar 646B

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint ET-11

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint SC-02

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint SC-04

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint SC-06

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint SC-08

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint SC-09

Kate Dickerson ALB-SET-03

Kate Dickerson PL-370

Kathy Schenkel TL-410

Lani 1001-G

Labors of Love LL-425

Labors of Love LL-428

Mindy A-50

Melissa Shirley 1516

Pepperberry Designs CHR-01

Pepperberry Designs NN-2M

Patti Mann 11337

The Point of It All Designs XO-205

Painted Pony LS-SQ04

Raymond Crawford HO-1232

Raymond Crawford HO-1321

Raymond Crawford HO-1423

Raymond Crawford HO-1574

Raymond Crawford HO-1597

Rachel Donley RD-069

Robbyn's Nest R-642

Robbyn's Nest R-1046

Robbyn's Nest R-1096

Robbyn's Nest R-1103

Strictly Christmas LFP-13

Strictly Christmas LFSQ-03

Strictly Christmas LFSQ-10

Strictly Christmas LGP-01

Strictly Christmas SJ-01

Strictly Christmas  SJ-03

Strictly Christmas SJ-04

Sandra Gilmore Season's Greetigs

Susan Roberts 7221

Shelly Tribbey C-377

The Collection SI-527

The Point of It All Designs PBL-003

The Point of It All Designs PEB-034

The Point of It All Designs S-347

The Point of It All Designs XO-218

Unique NZ Designs 70484

Voila SF-10


We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.
We will charge in-stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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