Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Few In Stock Ornaments

Amanda Lawford DO-165

Alice Peterson X-317

A Poore Girl Paints APCH-03

Associated Talents CT-1665G

 Associated Talents CT-1874

Burnett & Bradley 6051

 Danji CH-267

CanvasWorks CO-45A

CanvasWorks CO-41A

Carol Dupree 815

Carol Dupree 808

Burnett & Bradley 6015

 Kimberly Ann Needlepoint ET-11

Julia's Needleworks JX-31A

Julia's Needleworks DR-29

Danji ZIA-69

 Danji ZIA-46

Kimberly Ann Needlepoint SC-08

Kirk & Bradley KB-1260

Kirk & Bradley KB-1318

Kelly Clark KAH31-18

Kathy Schenkel CM-626B

Labors of Love LL-560 JAN

Labors of Love LL-560 MAY 

 Melissa Prince S-500
FAO Schwarz

Melissa Shirley 1914-B

Melissa Shirley 1914-C

Melissa Shirley DM-86C

 Renaissance  MNS-264-3

Pepperberry Designs RNM-06

Pepperberry Designs NP-07

Pepperberry Designs NP-06

Pepperberry Designs MS-14

Melissa Shirley DM-117C

Melissa Shirley DM-117A

Painted Pony 996-GK

Painted Pony 996-GT

Raymond Crawford HO-1274

 Raymond Crawford HO-1321

Renaissance Designs MNS-268

The Meredith Collection/Charley Harper HC-O264

Shelly Tribbey C-762

Strictly Christmas COLM-08

Strictly Christmas COKR-01

Ruby Red Slippers RRS-03

Canvases are 20% off during the month of January - in stock and special orders.
(excludes club canvases)


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