Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Geometrics, Post 1 of 2

Geometrics, Post 1 of 2
Be sure to check out Post 2

25% off in stock canvases
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(excludes club canvases)
 & More CTT-02

Anne Brinkley AB-576

Amanda Lawford AB-07

Amanda Lawford AB-11

Amanda Lawford AB-25

Amanda Lawford AB-30

Amanda Lawford AB-33

Amanda Lawford AB-29

Associated Talents D-1610GR

Ann Wheat Pace 580-A

Ann Wheat Pace 605-F

Ann Wheat Pace 605-D

Ann Wheat Pace 605-E

Ann Wheat Pace 606-D

Ann Wheat Pace 637-A

Ann Wheat Pace 637-B

Ann Wheat Pace 637-C

Ann Wheat Pace 637-D

Ann Wheat Pace 799-B

Ann Wheat Pace 799-E

BB Needlepoint BB-26

BB Needlepoint BB-70

BB Needlepoint BB-139

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten EC-04

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten EC-08

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten PS-12

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten PS-21

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten PS-22

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten PS-24

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten PS-25

2 Sisters/Barbara Bergsten PS-26

Beth Gantz 840-LR

Beth Gantz 840-X

Beth Gantz KC-101G

Bees Knees BK-706

 Bees Knees BK-707

Canvas Art by Barbi 315

Canvas Art by Barbi 312

Canvas Art by Barbi 313

Canvas Art by Barbi 314

Canvas Art by Barbi 316

Canvas Art by Barbi 317

Canvas Art by Barbi 325

Canvas Art by Barbi 415

Canvas Art by Barbi 418

Canvas Art by Barbi 1797

Canvas Art by Barbi 1799

Canvas Art by Barbi 1808

Canvas Art by Barbi 1809

CBK Needlepoint SA-XO 54

Cooper Oaks JD-4002M

Cooper Oaks JD-4004B

Cooper Oaks JD-4004S

Cooper Oaks JD-4007B

Cooper Oaks JD-4007S

Cooper Oaks JD-4008

Colors of Praise LEE-22

Colors of Praise LEE-23

 Colors of Praise LEE-80

Colors of Praise MC-161

Colors of Praise ST-1113

CanvasWorks PO-75

CanvasWorks PO-86B

CanvasWorks PO-119A

Danji TM-01

Danji TM-04

Danji TM-06

Danji TM-07

Danji TM-19

Danji TM-24

Danji TM-27

 Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DE-102

Dream House Ventures DH-3832

Dream House Ventures DH-3858

Dream House Ventures DH-3873

Dream House Ventures DH-3885

Dream House Ventures DH-3887

Dream House Ventures DH-3890

Dream House Ventures DH-3904

Dream House Venture DH-3907

Dream House Ventures DH-3909

Dream House Ventures DH-3910

Dream House Ventures DH-3914

Dream House Ventures DH-3927

Dream House Ventures DH-3928

Dream House Ventures DH-3929

Dream House Ventures NN-2005

Julie Mar 8050

Julie Mar KL-1052

Julie Mar KL-1108

Julie Mar LUDW-8051

Julie Mar SC-203R

Julie Mar SC-205

Julie Mary SC-230

Julie Mar SC-235B

JUlie Mar SC-250

Julie Mar SC-258

Julie Mar SC-911

Julie Mar SC-942

Julie Mar SC-943R

JP Needlepoint L-372

JP Needlepoint L-377

JP Needlepoint L-528

JP Needlepoint L-541

JP Needlepoint L-556

JP Needlepoint L-557

JP Needlepoint L-561

JP Needlepoint L-565

***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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