Sunday, July 16, 2017


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25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)
 Art of Sunshine AS-201

Art of Sunshine AS-203
BB Needlepoint BB-13

BB Needlepoint BB-46
BB Needlepoint BB-91
Barbara Elmore Comfort Series #1
Barbara Elmore Comfort Series #3
 Barbara Elmore Comfort Series #4

Barbara Russell BR-456
Barbara Russell BR-459
Canvas Art by Barbi 118
Canvas Art by Barbi 2207
Colors of Priase FF-241
Amanda Lawford/DC Designs D-8128
Dede ED-17158
DG Designs DG-201
DG Designs DG-203
DG Designs DG-301
Dream House Ventures F-3725
Dream House Ventures F-3727
DJ Designs 972
Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-459
J. Child CTR-217
Julie Mar KL-412
Jean Smith 11-N
Jean Smith 11-S
Jean Smith 165-F
Kirk & Bradley KB-256
Kirk & Bradley KB-257
Kirk & Bradley KB-258
Kirk & Bradley KB-1149
Kirk & Bradley KB-1152
Leigh 8100
Leigh 8106
Leigh 8107
Little Shoppe Canvas Company CC-27G
Little Shoppe Canvas Company GM-085
Little Shoppe Canvas Company GM-086
Little Shoppe Canvas Company PAST-3
Maggie M-1022
Maggie M-1037
Mary Engelbreit ME-SQ04
Pippin P-D-014
The Point of It All Designs XO-254
The Point of It All Designs XO-259
 Raymond Crawford HO-950

Renaissance CA-107
Renaissance 5LT-101
Renaissance 5LT-102
Renaissance G-111C
Renaissance G-113A
Renaissance G-123
Renaissance G-124A
Renaissance G-124B
Renaissance G-125A
Renaissance G-125B
Robbyn's Nest R-712
The Collection CO-201A
The Point of it All Designs F-135
The Point of It all Designs XO-272
The Point of It all Designs XO-273

***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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