Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Floral & Trees, Post 3 of 3

Floral & Trees, Post 3 of 3
Be sure to see both Posts 1 and 2

25% off in stock canvases
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(excludes club canvases)

 Machelle Somerville MS-012

Machelle Somerville MS-049

Machelle Somerville MS-063A

Machelle Somerville MS-063B

Machelle Somerville MS-071

Machelle Somerville MS-084

Machelle Somerville MS-087

Machelle Somerville MS-041

Machelle Somerville MS-050

Machelle Somerville MS-053

Machelle Somerville MS-056

Machelle Somerville MS-058A

Machelle Somerville MS-058B

Machelle Somerville MS-058C

Machelle Somerville MS-066

Machelle Somerville MS-090A

NeedleDeeva 151-G

 NeedleDeeva 151-J

NeedleDeeva 451-G

NeedleDeeva 451-M

Nenah Stone SS-01

Pajamas & Chocolate Patt-241-13

Pippin P-CLS-002

Pippin P-ET-018

Pippin P-ET-024

Pippin P-ET-025

Pippin P-F-015

Patti Mann 11406

Patti Mann 11408

Patti Mann 11716

Patti Mann 11829

The Point of It All Designs PDG-45

Painted Pony DP-CG02

Painted Pony DP-CG05

Mary Engelbreit ME-FL01

Petei PT-L19

Purple Palm Designs 1401

The Quarter Stitch Zinnias in Vase

Raymond Crawford HO-1342

Renaissance BA-102

Renaissance FG-101

Renaissance FG-110A

Renaissance FG-110B

Renaissance FG-110C

Renaissance G-125C

Renaissance IAR-106

Renaissance IAR-106B

Robbyn's Nest FS-004 (frame included)

Robbyn's Nest FS-007 (frame included)

Robbyn's Nest FS-020 (frame included)

Robbyn's Nest R-934

Robbyn's Nest R-941 (frame included)

Ruth Schmuff 7127

Eye Candy 8198

Eye Candy 8247

Sandra Gilmore FL-55

Sandra Gilmore Poppy

Sandra Gilmore Pretty

Stitch Its LN-T68

Stitch Its LN-T80

Sew Much Fun Classy Vase

Sew Much Fun Spring Time

Susan Roberts 756

Susan Roberts 757

Susan Roberts 1168

Susan Roberts JG-1016

Susan Roberts JG-9101

Susan Roberts/Liz LGDP-507

Shelly Tribbey FL-50

Sundance  SD-GG#5, Graceful Garden #5

Sundance SD-GGSP, Sitting Pretty

Sundance TU-CCOL

The Collection JB-96

The Collection JB-98

The Collection PM-457

 The Collection/Patty Paints P-404

Tapestry Fair PS-2

The Collection D-27

The Collection PM-30

The Collection PM-74

The Collection PM-89

The Collection PM-119

The Collection T-13

The Point of It All Designs PDG-71

Susan Roberts ASP-314

Waterweave CO-1322

Whimsy & Grace 12108

Whimsy & Grace 12693

Whimsy & Grace 12694

Whimsy & Grace 12870

Whimsy & Grace 12872

Zecca ZE-259L

Zecca ZE-32sp

Zecca ZE-73sq

Zecca ZE-108A

Zecca ZE-177

Zecca ZE-259J
Zecca ZE-260

Zecca ZE-266

Zecca ZE-279

Zecca ZE-312

 Zecca ZE-365

Zecca ZE-387

Zecca ZE-405

Zecca ZE-417

Zecca ZE-419

Zecca ZE-421

Zecca ZE-453

Zecca ZE-454

Zecca ZE-461

Zecca ZE-466

Zecca ZE-482A

Zecca ZE-483A

Zecca ZE-484

Zecca ZE-485

***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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