Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas Words & Nativity

Christmas Words

25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)

 & More BECK-183

Anne Brinkley MT-853

Burnett & Bradley 1304

Burnett & Bradley 1314

Burnett & Bradley 1315

Alexa LWG-4

Alexa LWG-5

Alexa WSN-2

Alice Peterson 2407

Alice Peterson 2844

Alice Peterson X-125

Alice Peterson X-272

Alice Peterson X-283

Alice Peterson X-284

Associated Talents M-182

Associated Talents M-201

Associated Talents M-202

Associated Talents M-203

Beth Gantz 901-LR, Jingle

Beth Gantz 901-LR, Santa

Brenda Stofft B-314

CKB Needlepoint KSH-SS21

CBK Needlepoint LM-SS02

Cooper Oaks SWB-1078

Cheryl Schaeffer ELF

CanvasWorks CO-39B

CanvasWorks CO-39C

CanvasWorks CO-40B

Dream House Ventures F-3698

Dream House Ventures VH-3658

Dream House Ventures VH-3682

The Meredith Collection S-175

Funda Scully FS-17

Funda Scully FS-Naughty Wine

Funda Scully FS-Naughty

Heidi 188

Hilary Jean Designs S-11-18
Julie Mar 598

Julie Mar 599

 Julie Mar 629

Julie Mar 643

Julie Mar 645-B

Julie Mar 646-B

J. Malahy PE-5

JP Needlepoint X-291

Kelly Clark KCA-9009

Kate Dickerson ALB-SET-03

Kate Dickerson PL-370

Kathy Schenkel PE-104, 101, 105, 106

Kathy Schenkel TL-410

Lani 1001-G

Labors of Love LL-425

Labors of Love LL-428

Pepperberry NN-2M

Patti Mann 11337

Patti Mann 11985

The Point of It All Designs XO-205

The Point of It All Designs XOBL-012

The Point of It All Designs XOBL-13A

Funda Scully Christmas Love

Painted Pony/Needle Graphics NG-COR217

Painted Pony/Needle Graphics NG-COR218

Raymond Crawford HO-282

 Raymond Crawford HO-790

Raymond Crawford HO-1232

Raymond Crawford HO-1321

 Raymond Crawford HO-1423

Robbyn's Nest R-1046

Eye Candy 8159

Eye Candy 8243

Strictly Christmas CHP-02

 Strictly Christmas CHP-32

Strictly Christmas COJB-30

Strictly Christmas COJB-32

Shelly Tribbey C-259

The Collection SI-527

The Point of It All Designs PBL-003

The Point of It All Designs PEB-034

The Point of It All Designs S-347

The Point of It All Designs XOBL-011B

The Point of It All Designs XO-218

Unique NZ Designs 70484

Voila SF-9

Voila SF-10

Winnetka Stitchery Design 909

 Annie Lane A Christmas Pageant

Carol Dupree 943-A 

Carol Dupree 946-A

Carole Dupree 947-A

Carol Dupree 949-A

Carol Dupree 950-A

Carol Dupree 951-A

Carol Dupree 952-A

Carol Dupree 953-A

Carol Dupree 954-A

Carol Dupree 955-A

Cooper Oaks MML-917

Kelly Clark KCN-209NT

Labors of Love LL-422A

Labors of Love LL-422B

Labors of Love LL-422C

NeedleDeeva 1358-H

NeedleDeeva 1358-I

Patti Mann 11437

Patty Mann 11438

Patti Mann 11439

Patti Mann 11440

Patti Mann 11441

Patti Mann 11492

Shelly Tribbey K-103

Susan Roberts 5792

***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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