Thursday, July 13, 2017

Christmas Ornaments, Post 1 of 2

Christmas ornaments, Post 1 of 2
Be sure to see Post 2

25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)

Abigail Cecile AC-202

Abigail Cecile AC-204

Burnett & Bradley 1730
Burnett & Bradley 2599
Burnett & Bradley 2739
Burnett & Bradley 2759
Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-159
Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-161
Alexa R3-2
Alexa R3-6
Alexa R4-21
Alice Peterson X-107
Alice Peterson X-129
Alice Peterson X-209
Alice Peterson X-210
Alice Peterson X-286
Associated Talents CT-1473R
Associated Talents CT-1482A
Associated Talents CT-1482B
Associated Talents CT-1482C
Associated Talents CT-1482G
Associated Talents CT-1487A
Associated Talents CT-1501
Associated Talents CT-1516
Associated Talents CT-1518
Associated Talents CT-1663PP
Associated Talents CT-1664Y
Associated Talents CT-1665A
Associated Talents CT-1665B
Associated Talents CT-1665G
 Associated Talents CT-1951A

Associated Talents CT-1951B
Associated Talents CT-1951L
Associated Talents CT-1951O
Associated Talents CT-1951P
Associated Talents CT-1951U
Associated Talents CT-1952
Burnett & Bradley 3145
Burnett & Bradley 3149
Burnett & Bradley 6016
Burnett & Bradley 6015
Burnett & Bradley 6107
Colors of Praise CH-712
Colors of Praise CH-713
 CanvasWorks CO-25

Danji CH-05
Danji CH-48
Danji CH-60
Danji CH-156
Danji CH-262
Danji CH-277
Danji CH-281
Danji CH-OT-04
Danji CH-WTP-08
Danji WTP-20
Danji WTP-21
Danji ZIA-46
Danji ZIA-48
Danji ZIA-49
Danji ZIA-51
Danji ZIA-52
Carol Dupree 866
Carol Dupree 871
Carol Dupree 872
Carol Dupree 873
 The Meredith Collection XO-194H

J. Child CTR-201
J. Child CTR-202
Julie Mar LUDW-8066S
J. Malahy MC-9
Kirk & Bradley KB-1187
 Kirk & Bradley KB-1188

Kirk & Bradley KB-1189
Kirk & Bradley KB-1285
Kirk & Bradley KB-1286
Kirk & Bradley KB-1288
Kelly Clark KAH01-18
Kelly Clark KAH35-18
Kelly Clark KAH36-18
Kelly Clark KAH37-18
Kelly Clark KAH38-18
Kelly Clark KAH39-18
Kelly Clark KAH42-18
Kelly Clark KCN 920-18
Kelly Clark KCN 921-18
Kelly Clark KCN-241
Kelly Clark KCN-1431
Kelly Clark KCV-101
Kelly Clark KCV-102
Kelly Clark KCV-103

Kelly Clark KCV-104
Kelly Clark KCV-105
Kelly Clark KCV-106
Kelly Clark KPF51-18
Kelly Clark KPF53-18
Kelly Clark KAH-31-18 

 Kelly Clark KAH05-18

Kelly Clark KAH40-18
Kelly Clark KCN LP-05
Kathy Schenkel ST-418
Kathy Schenkel ST-420
Little Bird RO-007
Mile High Princess 6002
Melissa Prince A-143 
***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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