Saturday, July 29, 2017

Christmas Misc.

25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)

Christmas Misc. Canvases

& More BECK-122

& More BECK-167

Burnett & Bradley 1300

Associated Talents M-181

BB Needlepoint BB-T-17

Bee's Knees BK-608

Birds of a Feather AS-733

Brenda Stofft B-386D

Cooper Oaks SWB-1097

Cheryl Schaeffer CHS-4

Dream House Ventures F-3730

Dream House Ventures F-3732

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-506

Hummingbird Designs HB-282

JP Needlepoint DN-185C

Kelly Clark KCA-012-18

Kelly Clark KCB-02-18

Kathy Schenkel SH-706

Kathy Schenkel SH-710

Kathy Schenkel SH-714

Lee's Needle Arts BG-99

Labors of Love LL-421B

Labors of Love LL-421C

Labors of Love LL-421D

Labors of Love LL-421E

Labors of Love LL-421G

Labors of Love LL-421K

Maggie M-1849

Maggie M-1850

Melissa Prince H-242

Melissa Prince S-500, FAO Schwarz

Melissa Prince S-501, Tiffany's

Melissa Prince S-502, Bendels

Melissa Prince S-503, Bloomingdales

Melissa Prince S-504, Macy's

Melissa Prince S-505, Saks

Melissa Shirley 1660-B

Melissa Shirley 1660-C

Melissa Shirley 1660-D

Melissa Shirley 1745-B

Melissa Shirley 1745-C

Melissa Shirley 1745-D

Nenah Stone CH-97

Point 2 Pointe Magnet 7

Pajamas & Chocolate PATT-241C

Pepperberry Designs NP-02

Pepperberry Designs NP-04

Pippin P-SI-003

Pippin P-SI-008

Patti Mann 11405

The Point of It All Designs PBL-002

Painted Pony 351-AA

Painted Pony 351-AL

Raymond Crawford HO-17

Raymond Crawford HO-111

Raymond Crawford HO-283

Raymond Crawford HO-437

Raymond Crawford HO-802

Raymond Crawford HO-1133

Raymond Crawford HO-1259

Raymond Crawford HO-1273

Raymond Crawford HO-1274

Raymond Crawford SG-3

Renaissance WR-111

Robbyn's Nest R-687

Eye Candy 8254

Strictly Christmas CHP-25

Strictly Christmas COBTS-01

Strictly Christmas COBTS-02

Strictly Christmas COBTS-03

Strictly Christmas COBTS-04

Strictly Christmas COSK-01

Strictly Christmas COSK-02

Strictly Christmas COSK-03

Strictly Christmas COSK-05
Strictly Christmas COSK-06

Strictly Christmas COSK-08

Sandra Gilmore Jerusalem Window

Sandra Gilmore Ring Out

Sew Much Fun Christmas Friends Wreath

Susan Roberts AD-0R105

Susan Roberts AD-OR107

The Collection LMS-62K

Zecca ZE-364

***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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