Saturday, July 15, 2017

Baby/Kid and Sports

Baby, Kids, and Sports

25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)
 & More CSEHC-CC37

a. bradley ab397
Anne Brinkley AB-428
Anne Brinkley BE-16B
Burnett & Bradley 639
Alice Peterson 3550
Alice Peterson 3571
Alice Peterson 3574
Alice Peterson 3578
Alice Peterson 3612
Alice Peterson 3618
Alice Peterson 3622
Alice Peterson 3652
Alice Peterson 3653
Alice Peterson 3667
Alice Peterson 3668
Barbara Russell 237
Barbara Russell 245
Barbara Russell 265
Barbara Russell 290
Barbara Russell 333
CBK Needlepoint EG-XO64
CBK Needlepoint EG-XO65
Danji TL-06
Funda Scully FS-Baby Elf 1st
Funda Scully FS-Boy F
 Funda Scully FS-Mon B

J. Child DHG-200Y
J. Child DHG-230
J. Child DHG-231
J. Child DHG-203
J. Child DHG-217
J. Child DHG-227
J. Child PIL-234
J. Child PIL-239
Julia's Needleworks JBD-86
Kathy Schenkel PT-212
Kathy Schenkel SH-408
Kathy Schenkel SH-409
Kathy Schenkel SH-410
Lani 193-B
Lani 193-D
Lee's Needle Arts BF-81
Lee's Needle Arts BJ-218
Lee's Needle Arts BJ-219
Lee's Needle Arts BJ-220
Lee's Needle Arts BX-49
Labors of Love LL-147
Labors of Love LL-148
Mile High Princess 2505
Mile High Princess 2506
Mile High Princess 3013
Mile High Princess 1535F
Mile High Princess 1536F
Mile High Princess 1600
Mile High Princess 1619
Mile High Princess 1623
Mile High Princess 1641
Mile High Princess 1642
Mile High Princess 1710
Mile High Princess 1713
Mindy 3R
Mindy 30G
NeedleDeeva 903
NeedleDeeva 1118
NeedleDeeva 1203
Princess & Me C-565
Pippin P-H-001
Patti Mann 11202
The Point of It all Designs XOEB-001
 The Point of It all Designs XOEB-010

Funda Scully FS-25BB
Funda Scully FS-25BG
Funda Scully FS-25GG
Raymond Crawford HO-448
Raymond Crawford HO-449
Raymond Crawford HO-1139
Ruth Schmuff 5014
Rebecca Wood 444-C
Rebecca Wood 453-E
Rebecca Wood 453-L
Rebecca Wood 1010-B
Rebecca Wood 1010-L
Rebecca Wood 1031-B
Rebecca Wood 1031-C
Rebecca Wood 1031-D
Stitch Its 135-B
Stitch Its 240-Z
Stitch Its 241-9
Stitch Its 241-10
 Stitch Its 1-150

Stitch Its 1-152
The Collection SI-275B2
The Studio E-2W (Barbie car)

The Studio To-128 (comes with shield below)

 shield for To-128

 The Studio To-129

The Studio To-130
The Studio To-131
The Studio To-132
The Studio To-133
The Studio To-137
The Studio To-138 (Peter Pan)
The Studio To-139 (Mary Poppins)
The Studio To-142
The Studio To-144
 Associated Talents CT-1883

Associated Talents CT-1884
Associated Talents CT-1887
Kathy Schenkel SH-216
Lani 1058-C
Lani 1058-F
Raymond Crawford HO-1367
Raymond Crawford HO-1368
Raymond Crawford HO-1369
Raymond Crawford HO-1370
***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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