Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Animals, Post 2 of 2

Animals - Post 2 of 2
Be sure to check out Post 1
25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)
Little Shoppe Canvas Company CS-1055
Little Shoppe Canvas Company CS-1056
Little Shoppe Canvas Company CS-1058
Love You More JB-01
Love You More JB-02
Maggie M-1589
Maggie M-1631
Maggie M-1672
Maggie M-1695
Maggie M-1762
MAP Designs 203-A
MAP Designs 203-B
MAP Designs 203-C
MAP Designs 203-D
Mile High Princess 1605
Mile High Princess 1606
Mile High Princess 1706
Melissa Prince B-323
Melissa Prince B-324
Melissa Prince B-325
Melissa Prince B-326
Melissa Prince B-328
Melissa Prince B-337
Melissa Prince B-339
Melissa Prince B-341
Melissa Prince B-342
Melissa Prince B-343
Melissa Prince B-344
Melissa Prince B-357
Melissa Prince B-362
Melissa Prince B-369
Melissa Shirley 536
Melissa Shirley 1661-H
Melissa Shirley 1665
Melissa Shirley 1877-C
Melissa Shirley DM-81A
Melissa Shirley DM-83D
Melissa Shirley DM-83E
Machelle Somerville MS-073
 NeedleDeeva 1379-B

NeedleDeeva 1379-D
NeedleDeeva 1379-F
Pajama & Chocolate PATT-285A
Pajama & Chocolate PATT-285D
Pajama & Chocolate PATT-287A
Pajama & Chocolate PATT-287B
Princess & Me C-849
Princess & Me C-850
Princess & Me C-855
Pepperberry Designs FP-04
Pippin P-ET-004
Pippin P-ET-007
Pippin P-ET-022
Pippin P-ET-026
Pippin P-ET-027
Pippin P-SI-006
Patti Mann 3028
Patti Mann 11234
Patti Mann 11396
 Patti Mann 11397

Patti Mann 11398
Patti Mann 11399
Patti Mann 11703
Patti Mann 11712
Painted Pony DP-AN05
Painted Pony MC-AN02
 Petei PT-L26

Purple Palm Designs 117
Purple Palm Designs 119
Purple Palm Designs 121
Purple Palm Designs 402
Quail Run PH-13
Raymond Crawford HO-331
Raymond Crawford HO-332
Raymond Crawford HO-351
Raymond Crawford HO-901
Raymond Crawford HO-902
Raymond Crawford HO-1087
Raymond Crawford HO-1372
Raymond Crawford HO-1373
Raymond Crawford HO-1374
Raymond Crawford HO-1376
Raymond Crawford HO-1377
Raymond Crawford HO-1378
 Raymond Crawford HO-1379

Raymond Crawford HO-1380
Raymond Crawford HO-1381
Raymond Crawford HO-1382
Raymond Crawford HO-1383
Renaissance Designs B-109-B1
Renaissance Deigns B-111A
Renaissance Designs B-111B
Renaissance Designs BOT-104A
Renaissance Designs BOT-104B
Renaissance Designs COC-102K
Renaissance Designs NH-105A
Robbyn's Nest FR-040 (frame included)
Robbyn's Nest R-435
Robbyn's Nest R-859
Robbyn's Nest R-951
Robbyn's Nest R-952
Robbyn's Nest R-953
Robbyn's Nest R-1010
Robbyn's Nest R-1052
 Ruth Schmuff 6512

Ruth Schmuff 6513
Ruth Schmuff 6700
Eye Candy 8185
Eye Candy 8186
Rebecca Wood 465-g
Rebecca Wood 1008-P
Rebecca Wood 1035-B
Rebecca Wood 1035-C
Rebecca Wood 1035-D
Rebecca Wood 1035-E
Rebecca Wood 1035-G
Rebecca Wood 1035-I
Rebecca Wood 1035-L
Stitch Its 82-29
Stitch Its LN Rabbit 1
Susan Roberts 0707
Susan Roberts 799
Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon ADSP-105
Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon ADSP-107
Susan Roberts/Ashley Dillon ADSP-213
The Collecction JB-280
The Collection/Patty Paints A-423
Tapestry Fair 1058
The Collection LR-336
The Collection ts-762p
The Meredith Collection C-450KO
Charley Harper HC-O263
Charley Harper HC-0264
Charley Harper HC-O266
Charley Harper HC-O267
Charley Harper HC-O269
Charley Harper HC-C247
Charley Harper HC-C304
Charley Harper HC-L286
The Point of It All Designs PBA-2
Charley Harper HC-L243
Unique NZ Designs 1420
Unique NZ Designs 1505
Unique NZ Designs 1703
Unique NZ Designs 70610
Zecca ZE-296
Zecca ZE-297
Zecca ZE-353
Zecca ZE-403
***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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