Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Animals, Post 1 of 2

Animals - Post 1 of 2
Be sure to see Post 2

25% off in stock canvases
20% off special order canvases
(excludes club canvases)
 & More CTT-06

& More CFGD-182
Burnett & Bradley 3080
Burnett & Bradley 3081
Burnett & Bradley 3082
Burnett & Bradley 3083

 Annie Lee AB-7
Comes with birdcages shown below


Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DO-114
Annie Lane Fall Mooves In
Annie Lane Free Rangin
Annie Lane Helping Hen
Annie Lee Hummingbird Birdcage
comes with birdcage shown below

 Amanda Lawford NB-NC-02

Annie Lane Sheep Shoes
Annie Lane Special Delivery
Annie Lane Steppin Out
Annie Lane Henrietta
Annie Lane Happy

 Annie Lane Rose

Annie Lane Chicken Eye Glass Case
 Annie Lane A Whole Lotta Love

 Annie Lane Gossip

Alice Peterson 2520
Alice Peterson 2697
Alice Peterson 2775
Alice Peterson X-170
Associated Talents BD-101
Associated Talents BD-103
Associated Talents BD-104
Associated Talents BR-804
Associated Talents KC-221
Ann Wheat Pace 409-A
Barbara Elmore Fantasy Butterflies
BB Needlepoint BB-103
BB Needlepoint BH-3
Barbara Elmore Ms Birdie Bakes a Cupcake
Barbara Elmore Ms Birdie Hat Shopping
Barbara Elmore Ms Birdie in the Garden
Barbara Elmore The Empty Nest
Beth Gantz 630
Bees Knees BK-818
Birds of a Feather AS-715
Birds of a Feather AS-716
 Birds of a Feather AS-717

Birds of a Feather AS-718
Birds of a Feather AS-726
Birds of a Feather AS-734
Birds of a Feather AS-739
Birds of a Feather AS-740
Birds of a Feather AS-742
Birds of a Feather AS-751
Birds of a Feather AS-752
Birds of a Feather AS-753
Birds of a Feather AS-754
Birds of a Feather AS-755
Birds of a Feather AS-759
Birds of a Feather AS-762
Birds of a Feather AS-763
Birds of a Feather AS-765
Birds of a Feather CC-711
Birds of a Feather CC-716
Birds of a Feather CC-718
Birds of a Feather CC-719
Birds of a Feather CC-720
Birds of a Feather CC-722
Birds of a Feather CC-725
Birds of a Feather CC-726
Birds of a Feather CC-731
Birds of a Feather SW-101
Birds of a Feather SW-102
Barbara Russell 501
CBK Needlepoint ESG-PL12
CBK Needlepoint SB-XO 01
 CBK Needlepoint SB-XO 02

CBK Needlepoint SC-PL21
CBK Needlepoint SC-PL61
CBK Needlepoint SC-PL75
CBK Needlepoint SC-PL76
CBK Needlepoint SC-XO15
CBK Needlepoint SH-EX21
Carol Dupree 601
Carol Dupree 602
Carol Dupree 603
Carol Dupree 604
Charley Harper CH-L121
 Charley Harper HC-A245

Charley Harper HC-S232
Cooper Oaks JD-4001B
 Cooper Oaks JD-4003TC

Cooper Oaks WK-2051
Cooper Oaks WK-2052
Cooper Oaks WK-2059
Cooper Oaks WK-2069
Colors of Praise AN-155
Colors of Praise AN-160
Colors of Praise AN-182
Colors of Praise AN-187
Danji LB-64
Danji LB-71
Danji LB-75
Danji LB-76
Danji LB-77
Danji LB-79
Danji LB-82
Danji LB-84
Danji LB-98
 Danji LB-99

Danji LB-100
Danji LB-101
Danji LD-35
Danji LD-36
DG Designs DG-403
Dream House Ventures CL-3605
Dream House Ventures CM-5019
Dream House Ventures DH-3892
DJ Designs 1726-B
DJ Designs 1734
The Meredith Collection C-450N
The Meredith Collection C-450P
The Meredith Collection C-450R
Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-437
Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-455
Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-463
Funda Scully FS-AN f
Charley Harper HC-B159
Charley Harper HC-C172
Charley Harper HC-C222
Charley Harper HC-R251
Charley Harper HC-U214
Charley Harper HC-W227
 J. Child BKM-216

J. Child CTR-222
J.Child PIL-243
 J. Child PIL-244

Julie Mar KL-408
JP Needlepoint A-118
JP Needlepoint A-408
JP Needlepoint A-410
JP Needlepoint B-76
JP Needlepoint B-77
JP Needlepoint B-78
JP Needlepoint B-422R
Kelly Clark KCA26-18
Kate Dickerson SST-29
Kate Dickerson SST-78
Kate Dickerson SST-158
Leigh 6320
Leigh 7622
Labors of Love LL-156B
 Labors of Love LL-156C

Labors of Love LL-306L
Labors of Love LL-306Q
Labors of Love LL-306R
Labors of Love LL-306S
Labors of Love LL-306T
Labors of Love LL-440A
Labors of Love LL-440B
Labors of Love LL-440C
Labors of Love LL-440D
 Labors of Love LL-440E

Labors of Love LL-440F
 Labors of Love LL-440G

Labors of Love LL-440H
Labors of Love LL-440I
Labors of Love LL-440K
Labors of Love LL-440L
Labors of Love LL-536B
Labors of Love LL-536E
Labors of Love LL-306U
Labors of Love LL-306V
 Labors of Love LL-306W

Labors of Love LL-306X
Labors of Love LL-306Y
Labors of Lave LL-307E
Labors of Love LL-307F 
***Remember we are giving away a wonderful Sandra Gilmore Santa.  To read about the drawing, check out this Blog post.

We are happy to hold canvases until the end of the month.  We will charge in stock canvases at the time of ordering.

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