Saturday, February 4, 2017

Puffin and Point 2 Pointe

 Puffin Mini Needle Nanny - Birdhouse

Puffin Mini Needle Nanny - Cupcake
Puffin Mini Needle Nanny - Ladybug
Puffin Needle Nanny - Cupcake
Puffin Needle Nanny - Teacup
Puffin Needle Threader - Birdhouse
Puffin Needle Threader - Cupcake
Puffin Needle Threader - Ladybug
Puffin Scissor Sitter - Birdhouse with Bird

Point 2 Pointe is a new designer for PFOS.  Their pieces are self finishing.  Each piece comes with a website to see a video on how to finish their pieces.  
Joan's finished magnet -- she changed the colors a bit.

Sample Magnet "M"

 Magnet 7

Magnet 69
Magnet 70
Magnet 76
Magnet 78
Point 2 Pointe Necklace Sample

 Necklace 21

 Necklace 24

Necklace 87
 Necklace 112

Point 2 Pointe Wine Stopper Sample

 Wine Stopper 25 (comes with star button)

 Wine Stopper 27

Wine Stopper 28


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