Wednesday, January 25, 2017

These are in stock!!!

We are back from San Jose market with a few things in hand!  See for yourself --

 Annie Lane AL-0164, Cowboy Door

AL-0166, Snow Door
 CanvasWorks HW-13

CanvasWorks HW-2
CanvasWorks HW-4
CanvasWorks HW-5
CanvasWorks HW-7
CanvasWorks HW-8
CanvasWorks HW-10
CanvasWorks HW-11
CanvasWorks HW-12
CanvasWorks P-24
CanvasWorks P-24
CanvasWorks PO-145
 Danji CH-211

 Danji CH-212

Danji CH-213
Danji CH-214
Danji CH-215
Danji CH-216
Danji CH-217
 Danji CH-257

Danji CH-258
Danji CH-259
Danji CH-260
Danji CH-261
Danji CH-262
 Danji WTP-11

Danji WTP-12
 Danji WTP-14

Danji WTP-16
Danji WTP-17
Danji WTP-21
 Denise 545

 Denise 556

Funda Scully FS-Cow Skull 1
Funda Scully FS-30
Funda Scully FS-30E
Funda Scully FS-AN F
Funda Scully FS-Baby Elf 1st
 Funda Scully FS-Boy D

Funda Scully FS-Boy F
Funda Scully Mini Sock Tech
Funda Scully FS-Mon B
Funda Scully FS-Naughty Wine
Funda Scully FS-Naughty

Kate Dickerson ALB SET-05
Kate Dickerson DH-05
Kate Dickerson PL-33
Mindy 2368-CK
Mindy 2368-E
Mindy 2395
Mindy 2398
Patti Mann 22001
Patti Mann 22011
Patti Mann 22024
Patti Mann 22027

These are included in our 20% off January sale -- includes in stock and special order canvases, excludes club canvases.


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