Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How about 99 more?!?

 & More CFGD-182

& More CSEHA-0228A

& More CSEHC-CC37

& More CV-293

Bees Knees BK-105

Colors of Praise AC-705

Colors of Praise IF-258

Colors of Praise ST-1113

Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1112

Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1113

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-373KB

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-379KB

Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-384KB

Julie Mar KL-171

Julie Mar KL-171-1

Julie Mar KL-354

Julie Mar KL-455

Julia's Needleworks LB-32A

Little Shoppe Canvas Company (finished sample - canvases to follow)

Little Shoppe Canvas Company (finished Sample - canvases to follow)

Little Shoppe Canvas Company COH-1, broom included

Little Shoppe Canvas Company COH-4, broom included

 Little Shoppe Canvas Company COH-5

Little Shoppe Canvas Company COH-6

Little Shoppe Canvas Company - finished eggs

Little Shoppe Canvas Company  RE-2

Little Shoppe Canvas Company RE-3

Mile High Princess MHP-1535F

Mile High Princess MHP-1536F

Melissa Prince A-114

Melissa Prince H-235

Melissa Prince M-105

Melissa Prince M-115

Melissa Shirley 1431-2A

Melissa Shirley 1886-A

Melissa Shirley 1886-B

Melissa Shirley 1886-C

Melissa Shirley 1886-D

Melissa Shirley 1885-E

Melissa Shirley 1886-F

Melissa Shirley DM-62B

Melissa Shirley DM-62D

Melissa Shirley MLT-264C

Melissa Shirley MLT-329

Melissa Shirley MLT-332

Melissa Shirley VS-157

NeedleDeeva 1384-A

NeedleDeeva 1385-A

NeedleDeeva 1385-B

NeedleDeeva 1385-C

NeedleDeeva 1385-D

NeedleDeeva 1385-E

NeedleDeeva 1385-F

NeedleDeeva 1385-G

NeedleDeeva 1385-H

NeedleDeeva 1385-I

NeedleDeeva 1385-J

NeedleDeeva 1385-K

NeedleDeeva 1385-S

NeedleDeeva 1385-N

NeedleDeeva 1385-O

NeedleDeeva 1385-P

NeedleDeeva 1385-Q

NeedleDeeva 1385-R

NeedleDeeva 1385-S

NeedleDeeva 1385-Y

Patti Mann 11711

Painted Pony/Mary Englebright ME-FL01

Purple Palm Designs 4405

Purple Palm Designs 4406

Raymond Crawford HO-1125

Raymond Crawford HO-1147

Raymond Crawford HO-1148

Raymond Crawford HO-1162

Raymond Crawford HO-178

Raymond Crawford HO-1180

Raymond Crawford HO-1181

Raymond Crawford HO-1182

Raymond Crawford HO-1183

Raymond Crawford HO-1184

Raymond Crawford HO-1185

Raymond Crawford HW-10

Strictly Christmas COJB-25

Strictly Christmas COJB-30

Strictly Christmas COJB-32

 Strictly Christmas COSA-50

Strictly Christmas COSA-64

Strictly Christmas COTS-08

Strictly Christmas COTS-10

Strictly Christmas CS-112

Strictly Christmas CS-116

Strictly Christmas CS-180

Strictly Christmas CS-270

Strictly Christmas CO-395

Stritcly Christmas CSC-22

Strictly Christmas CSC-36

Strictly Christmas CSC-81

Strictly Christmas CSC-110

Strictly Christmas CSC-1001

Don't forget we are having a SALE!!! 20% off in stock canvases, includes canvases from Destination Dallas, but does not include canvases from clubs.  The sale ends Saturday, October 10th.


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