Friday, March 13, 2015

Labors of Love Trunk Show - Clip on Birds and Animals

 LL 300A

 LL 300C

 LL 300D

 LL 300E

 LL 300F

 LL 300G

 LL 300H

 LL 300I

 LL 300J

 LL 300K

 LL 300L

 LL 300M

 LL 300N

 LL 300O

 LL 300Q

 LL 300R

 LL 300S

 LL 300T

 LL 300V

 LL 300W

 LL 300X

 LL 300Y

 LL 300Z

 LL 306A

 LL 306B

 LL 306C

 LL 306D

 LL 306G

 LL 306H

 LL 306I

 LL 306L

 LL 306M

 LL 306N

 LL 306O

 LL 306Q

 LL 306R

 LL 306S

 LL 503

 LL 506

 LL 507

 LL 536A

 LL 536B

 LL 536C

 LL 536D

 LL 536F

 LL 536G

 LL 536H


All canvases from Labors of Love are 20% off during the trunk show.


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