Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alice Peterson, Kathy Schenkel Designs, Melissa Shirley, and The Point of It All Designs

 Alice Peterson X-152A

 Alice Peterson X-152B

 Alice Peterson X-187

 Alice Peterson X-188

 Alice Peterson X-192

 Alice Peterson X-193

Kathy Schenkel Designs CA-107

 Kathy Schenkel Designs finished bag

 Kathy Schenkel Designs SH-209

 Kathy Schenkel Designs SH-754

Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-403

 Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-404

 Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-406

 Melissa Shirley 1817-A

 Melissa Shirley 1817-B

 Melissa Shirley 1817-C

 Melissa Shirley 1817-D

 Melissa Shirley 1817-E

 Melissa Shirley 1817-F

 Melissa Shirley 1817-G

 Melissa Shirley 1817-H

 Melissa Shirley 1822-A

 Melissa Shirley 1822-C

 Melissa Shirley 1822-E

 Melissa Shirley 1822-F

 Melissa Shirley 1832-A

 Melissa Shirley 1832-B

 Melissa Shirley 1832-C

 Melissa Shirley 1832-D

 Melissa Shirley 1832-E

 Melissa Shirley 1832-F

 Melissa Shirley 1832-G

 Melissa Shirley 1833-B

 Melissa Shirley DM-86A

Melissa Shirley DM-86B

Melissa Shirley DM-86C

 Melissa Shirley DM-86D

Melissa Shirley MLT-323A

Melissa Shirley MLT-323B

Melissa Shirley MLT-323C

The Point of It All Designs XO-193

 The Point of It All Designs XO-194

The Point of It All Designs XO-198

The Point of It All Designs XO-207

Don't forget -- Today is the LAST DAY for the Ann Wheat Pace Trunk Show.


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