Saturday, January 10, 2015

CanvasWorks Trunk Show - Misc. Designs

A few more from CanvasWorks!

 Game Boards

 GB 1

GB 4 

 GB 6


(each come with a set of 4 canvases, exactly the same design) 
C 6

C 7

C 8

C 34A

C 34B

C 36B

C 37B

C 39C

 B 1A

B 3A

B 3B

B 3C

B 5

B 6

B 10A

B 10B

B 11B

B 11E

B 12A

B 12B

B 14A

B 15B

B 16A

B 17A

R 15

R 17

R 18

 C 39

GR 6

GR 7

GR 11

P 24 large

 P 41 insert

P 43 insert

All CanvasWorks canvases are 20% off during the trunk show.

Did you see our first Blog post from market?  If not, read below to find out about Friday.  We are excited and market hasn't started yet!  We will bring you more Saturday as we shop away!


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