Friday, January 9, 2015

CanvasWorks Trunk Show - Geometrics

 P 3D

P 14A
P 14C
P 15B
P 19A
P 19B
P 20A
 P 183R

P 17A
PM 6
PO 3C - 18 count
PO 3 - 13 count
PO 4
PO 9A, no borders
PO 11
PO 11A
PO 15B
PO 19B
PO 20
PO 21 AS
PO 22A
PO 22B
PO 22C
PO 23 insert
PO 23B
PO 25A
PO 25B
PO 28
PO 29A
PO 35A
PO 35B
PO 40A insert
PO 44C
PO 47A insert
PO 49A insert
PO 49C
PO 54 round
PO 54A, available in 18 and 10 counts
PO 54B round
PO 57A
PO 57B, available in 13 and 10 counts
 PO 58 KP

PO 58A
PO 60A
PO 60C
PO 65
PO 66A
PO 72A
PO 75B 18 and 13 counts
PO 89B
PO 89C
PO 91B
PO 91C
PO 92 KP
PO 92
PO 93 KP
PO 93
PO 94A
PO 94B insert
PO 98
PO 103A insert
PO 103A
PO 103B insert
PO 103B KP
PO 103B
PO 104A insert
PO 104A KP
PO 104A
PO 104B insert
PO 104B KP
PO 104B
PO 106A
PO 106B, available in 13 and 10 counts
PO 109
PO 110
PO 111
PO 113
PO 114A
PO 114B
PO 115A
 PO 115B

PO 116A

PO 116B
PO 117A, available in 18 and 13 counts
PO 118A KP
PO 118B
PO 119A KP
PO 120A
PO 120B
PO 121A
 PO 122

 PO 123

PO 124
PO 125 KP
PO 126B
PO 127B
PO 128 KP
PO 129 KP
PO 129
PO 130 KP
PO 130
PO 22C
PO 40A
PO 58B
 PO 64B

PO 66B
PO 119
PO 119A
PO 126A, available in 13 and 10 counts

All CanvasWorks canvases are 10% off during the trunk show.

We will be bringing all the new and fun items at Winter Needlepoint Market this weekend.  Stay tuned to the blog to see all our finds!

Our January sale is going on now.  Take 20% off in stock and special order canvases during the entire month of January.  Excludes club canvases.


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