Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Charley Harper Trunk Show - Post 3

 CH-B004, Mouse Bootie

CH-B015, Baskit Kat
CH-C004, Catnip
CH-C005, Cardinals in Flight
CH-C094, Confiskation
CH-L036, Lovey Dovey
CH-R120, Rainforest Birds
CH-S026BR, Sanderlings Brick Cover
CH-S026EC, Sanderlings Eyeglass Case
CH-S143, Swallowtail
CH-T031EC, Turtle Eyeglass Case
CH-V027, Varied Thrush
CH-W002, Watermelon Moon
CH-W041, Whale Whale
HC-A184, Anhinga Ford Times
HC-A235, American Bald Eagle
HC-B206, Brazil Poster
HC-B230, Brown Creeper
HC-C165, Christmas Capers
HC-C170, Couch Petatoes
HC-C178, Cleopetra
HC-C211, Caribbean Cruisers
HC-C212, Convivial Pursuit
HC-C221, Cat Carson
HC-H139, Howlloween
HC-O155, Octobermania
HC-S130, Serrengeti Spaghetti
HC-S177, Scary Scenario
HC-S232, Strollin Patrolin
HC-T154, Turnstones + Turnstones
HC-T171, Copy Cats Tiger & Cats
HC-T205, Turkey Talk
HC-T231, Tern Scape

All Charley Harper canvases are 20% off during the trunk show.

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