Saturday, October 4, 2014

Charley Harper Trunk Show - Post 2

 CH-B019, Bunny

 CH-B019EC, Bunny Eyeglass Case

 CH-B021, Blue Gill

 CH-B023, Bluebird

 CH-B025, Blackberry Jam

 CH-B033, Bah Hum Bug

 CH-B037, Bunny Bunch

 CH-B049, Birdwatcher

 CH-B063, Bald Eagle

 CH-K028, Knitting 'n Kitten

 CH-K056, Key Deer

 CH-L081, Last Sunflower

 CH-P005EC, Pier Group Eyeglass Case

 CH-P009, Pelican/Downpour

 CH-P040, Panda Panda

 CH-P105, Peace

 CH-R020, Raccoon

 CH-S011, Snow Fawn

 CH-S026, Sanderlings

 HC-B134, Bug That Bugs Nobody

 HC-B136, Baffling Belly

 HC-B181, Blue Jay Patrol

 HC-G194, Gallinule & Gator

 HC-L124, Loonrise

 HC-O201, Old Fashioned Bedroom

 HC-O202, Old Fashioned Playroom

 HC-O215, Owl on the Prowl

 HC-P157, Plain & Fancy

 HC-P158, Peril in Petunias

 HC-P195, Pollinating Flowers

HC-P209, Pack Pact

Charley Harper canvases are 20% off during the trunk show.

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