Thursday, July 3, 2014

Small Animal Canvases - Post 2

Our Christmas in July sale --  this year painted canvases are -
In stock - 25% off
Special order - 20% off
(Club canvases not included.)
We are going to do our best to share ALL in stock canvases over the entire month of July.  This means we will have blog posts on Sundays and Mondays.  Although we are not open on these days, you can always send us an email to purchase your favorite canvas.  We will confirm when we open again.
Today we feature Small Animal canvases!  There are two posts today -- make sure to see Post 1.

 Leigh 7622bd

Labors of Love 306-M
 Labors of Love 306-Q

 Labors of Love 306-R

 Labors of Love 440A

 Labors of Love 440B

 Labors of Love 440C

 Labors of Love 440D

Labors of Love 440E
Labors of Love 440F
Labors of Love 440G
 Labors of Love 440H

 Labors of Love 440I

 Labors of Love 440J

Labors of Love 440K
Labors of Love 440L
 Labors of Love 536B

 Maggie M-545

Maggie M-1090
 Maggie M-1092

 Maggie M-1093

 Maggie M-1152

Maggie M-1670
 Maggie M-1672

 Maggie M-1673

MAP Designs 187
Mile High Princess 2318
 Mile High Princess 2906

 Mile High Princess 2203

 Melissa Prince A-113

Melissa Prince A-148

 Melissa Prince B-323
***New canvas - just arrived***

 Melissa Prince B-324
***New canvas - just arrived***

Melissa Prince B-325
 ***New canvas - just arrived***

 Melissa Prince B-326
***New canvas - just arrived***

 Melissa Prince B-357
***New canvas - just arrived***

 Melissa Prince B-230
***New canvas - just arrived***

 Melissa Shirley 149-N

 Melissa Shirley 149-U

 Melissa Shirley 587-A

 Melissa Shirley 590-F

 Melissa Shirley 658-D

 Melissa Shirley 679-C

 Melissa Shirley 1661-H

 Melissa Shirley 1687-F

 Melissa Shirley DM-25D

Melissa Shirley DM-25H
 Melissa Shirley DM-25P

Melissa Shirley DM-25R
 Melissa Shirley DM-64C

 NeedleDeeva 130-D

 NeedleDeeva 130-E

 NeedleDeeva 130-F

 NeedleDeeva 1379-B

NeedleDeeva 1379-D
 NeedleDeeva 1379-F

Princess & Me C-572
Princess & Me C-764
 Patti Mann 3028

Patti Mann 11396
 Patti Mann 11397

 Patti Mann 11399

 Patti Mann 11399

 Patti Mann 11511

 Painted Pony 801-M

Raymond Crawford HO-72
 Raymond Crawford HO-275

Raymond Crawford HO-331
 Raymond Crawford HO-332

 Raymond Crawford HO-338

 Raymond Crawford HO-351

Raymond Crawford HO-415
 Raymond Crawford HO-902

 Raymond Crawford HO-1082

 Renaissance B-111A

 Renaissance B-111B

 Renaissance BTS-105A

 Robbyn's Nest R-701

 Robbyn's Nest R-702

 Robbyn's Nest R-857

 Robbyn's Nest R-858

 Robbyn's Nest R-898

 Robbyn's Nest R-899

 Ruth Schmuff 6104

 Ruth Schmuff 6105

 Ruth Schmuff 8186

Ruth Schmuff 8187
 Rebecca Wood 025-J

 Rebecca Wood 026-F

 Rebecca Wood 446-A

 Rebecca Wood 446-B

 Rebecca Wood 446-C

 Rebecca Wood 446-D

 Rebecca Wood 446-E

 Rebecca Wood 446-F

 Rebecca Wood 446-G

 Rebecca Wood 446-H

 Rebecca Wood 446-I

 Rebecca Wood 526-L

 Rebecca Wood 526-S

Rebecca Wood 526-W
 Rebecca Wood 1008-P

 Shear Creations BF-001

 Sharon G MB-15

 Sharon G MB-17

 Sharon G MB-18

 Sharon G MB-56

 Shelly Tribbey HB-09

 Sew Much Fun Mini Butterfly

 Sew Much Fun Mini Cat

 Sew Much Fun Mini Dog

 Sew Much Fun Mini Ladybug

 Sew Much Fun Mini Turtle

Sew Much Fun Butterfly Pocket

 Shorebird Studios P-142

 Shorebird Studios P-149

 Shorebird Studios P-152

Shorebird Studios P-157
 Shorebird Studios P-161

 Shorebird Studios P-205

 Shorebird Studios P-206

 Shorebird Studios P-210
 Shorebird Studios P-213

 Shorebird Studios P-214

 Shorebird Studios P-216

 Shorebird Studios P-221

 Shelly Tribbey LC-01

 Treglown/Charley Harper CH-S057

 Liz/Tapestry Tent ASP-283

 Liz/Tapestry Tent ASP-301

 Liz/Tapestry Tent ASP-320

 Waterweave C-611

 Zecca ZE-93

Zecca ZE-232


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