Thursday, July 10, 2014

Geometric Canvases - Post 1

Our Christmas in July sale --  this year painted canvases are - 
In stock - 25% off
Special order - 20% off
(Club canvases not included.)
We are going to do our best to share ALL in stock canvases over the entire month of July.  This means we will have blog posts on Sundays and Mondays.  Although we are not open on these days, you can always send us an email to purchase your favorite canvas.  We will confirm when we open again.
Today we feature Geometric Canvases!!!  Be sure to see Post 2.

 Alice Peterson 2240

 Alice Peterson I-1001

 Alice Peterson I-1008

 Alice Peterson I-1009

 Amanda Lawford/ARB AB-07

 Amanda Lawford/ARB AB-11

 Amanda Lawford/ARB AB-25

 Associated Talents LS-231

 Associated Talents M-9101B

 Ann Wheat Pace 550-D

 Ann Wheat Pace 799-B

 Ann Wheat Pace 851-B

BB Needlepoint Designs 26

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-02

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-21

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-22

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-24

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-25

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-26

 Barbara Bergsten Designs PS-28

Canvas Art by Barbi 315
 Canvas Art by Barbi 415

 Canvas Art by Barbi 312

 Canvas Art by Barbi 313

 Canvas Art by Barbi 314

 Canvas Art by Barbi 317

 Canvas Art by Barbi 1182

 Canvas Art by Barbi 1795

 Canvas Art by Barbi 1797

 Canvas Art by Barbi 1799



 City Needlework CN-314

Cooper Oaks CBC-801
 Colors of Praise Lee-22

 Colors of Praise Lee-23

 CanvasWorks P-17A

 CanvasWorks PO-17O

 CanvasWorks PO-22C

CanvasWorks PO-40A
 CanvasWorks PO-64B

 CanvasWorks PO-66B

CanvasWorks PO-118B
 CanvasWorks PO-119

 CanvasWorks PO-119A

 CanvasWorks PO-126A

 Amanda Lawford/DC Designs DE-102

 DeElda 949

 Dream House Ventures DH-3885

Dream House Ventures DH-3832
 Dream House Ventures DH-3858

 Dream House Ventures DH-3858

 Dream House Ventures F-3603

 Dream House Ventures NN-2005

Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1104
 Ewe & Eye & Friends EWE-29

 Gone Stitching 128

 Gone Stitching 130

Gone Stitching 131
 Heartstrings HS-6302

 Heartstrings HS-6303

 Julie Mar 8050

Julie Mar 8051
Julie Mar KL-1108
 Julie Mar SC-203R

 Julie Mar SC-205

 Julie Mar SC-230

 Julie Mar SC-911

 Julie Mar SC-942

 JP Needlepoint L-528

 JP Needlepoint L-541

 JP Needlepoint V-81

JP Needlepoint M-208
 Julia's LB-85

Julia's T-53


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