Friday, July 25, 2014

Christmas Ornaments - Post 4

Our Christmas in July sale --  this year painted canvases are - 
In stock - 25% off
Special order - 20% off
(Club canvases not included.)
We are going to do our best to share ALL in stock canvases over the entire month of July.  This means we will have blog posts on Sundays and Mondays.  Although we are not open on these days, you can always send us an email to purchase your favorite canvas.  We will confirm when we open again.
Today we feature Christmas Ornaments!!!  Be sure to see Post 1, 2, and 3.
 Painted Pony 599ae

Painted Pony 376aa
Painted Pony 376ab
Painted Pony 376ad
Painted Pony 376ae
Painted Pony 525ac
Painted Pony 589ab
Painted Pony 589ac
Painted Pony 589ae
Painted Pony 589af
Painted Pony 599cc
Painted Pony 599cd
Purple Palm 3302
Raymond Crawford HO-654
Raymond Crawford HO-658
Raymond Crawford HO-669
Raymond Crawford HO-683
Raymond Crawford HO-721
 Raymond Crawford HO-726

Raymond Crawford HO-728A
Raymond Crawford HO-730A
Raymond Crawford HO-731A
Raymond Crawford HO-734
Raymond Crawford HO-742
Raymond Crawford HO-769
Raymond Crawford HO-1001
 Raymond Crawford HO-1078

Renaissance N-165
Renaissance N-167B
Renaissance N-167C
Robbyn's Nest R-668
Robbyn's Nest R-762
Ruth Schmuff 8125
Rebecca Wood 17-D
Rebecca Wood 17-E
Rebecca Wood 51-I
Rebecca Wood 51-J
Rebecca Wood 507-U
Rebecca Wood 1013-D
Rebecca Wood 1014-A
Rebecca Wood 1014-B
Rebecca Wood 1014-C
Rebecca Wood 1014-D
Rebecca Wood 1014-E
 Rebecca Wood 1014-F

Rebecca Wood 1014-G
Rebecca Wood 1014-H
Strictly Christmas COCH-04
Strictly Christmas COCH-06
Strictly Christmas COO-13
Strictly Christmas COOV-01
Strictly Christmas COOV-02
Strictly Christmas COOV-04
Strictly Christmas COOV-05
Strictly Christmas COP-02

 Strictly Christmas COP-04

Strictly Christmas COSG-01
Strictly Christmas SSC-05
Shelly Tribbey BG-26B
Shelly Tribbey BG-28B
Shelly Tribbey BG-215P
Shelly Tribbey BG-225P
Shelly Tribbey BG-235P
Shelly Tribbey BG-305P
Shelly Tribbey C-12C
Shelly Tribbey C-12D
Shelly Tribbey C-12E
Shelly Tribbey C-12G
Shelly Tribbey C-121sp
Shelly Tribbey C-674
Susan Roberts 236
Susan Roberts 255
Susan Roberts 5382
Susan Roberts 5386
Susan Roberts C-202
Star Needleart DDOM-2
Unique NZ Designs 70397
Unique NZ Designs 70484
Unique NZ Designs 70486
Voila O-7
Voila SF-12
Whimsy & Grace 11440
Whimsy & Grace 11824
Whimsy & Grace 12235
Whimsy & Grace 12239
Whimsy & Grace 12448
Whimsy & Grace 12564
Whimsy & Grace 12566
Whimsy & Grace 12575
Whimsy & Grace 12576
Whimsy & Grace 12828
Winnetka Stitchery Designs 406-D
Winnetka Stitchery Design 838-D
Winnetka Stitchery Design 896-A
Winnetka Stitchery Design 905-D
A few NEW Santas!
 Danji CH-38

Danji CH-39
Petei PT-787
Petei PT-788

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