Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Christmas In July! Post 2

It is that time again - our Christmas in July sale!!!  This year painted canvases are - 
In stock - 25% off
Special order - 20% off
(Club canvases not included.)

We are going to do our best to share ALL in stock canvases over the entire month of July.  This means we will have blog posts on Sundays and Mondays.  Although we are not open on these days, you can always send us an email to purchase your favorite canvas.  We will confirm when we open again.

Today we feature Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!  There are a total of three posts, so be sure to see them all!!!

Post 2
 Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-625

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-440A

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-441B

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-442A

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-444A

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-101

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-102

Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-104

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-106

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-110 (with stuffed bat insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-113 (with stuffed ghost insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-114 (with stuffed cat insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-115 (with stuffed witch insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-117 (with stuffed ghost insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-118 (with stuffed spider insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-119 (with stuffed cat insert)

Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-120 (with stuffed witch insert)
 Kathy Schenkel Designs HO-121 (with stuffed jack-o-lantern insert)

 Kathy Schenkel Designs HX-107

 Kathy Schenkel Designs MO-154

Kathy Schenkel Designs MP-231
 Kathy Schenkel Designs MP-232

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PW-174

 Kathy Schenkel Designs SH-120

 Kathy Schenkel Designs ST-310

 Kathy Schenkel Designs TC-112

 Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-301

 Kathy Schenkel Designs TL-311

Labors of Love LL-224

 Labors of Love LL-224M

 Labors of Love LL-224XL

Labors of Love LL-501
 Labors of Love LL-500

 Little Shoppe Canvas Company 100-C

Little Shoppe Canvas Company CN-9A
Little Shoppe Canvas Company CN-15
 Little Shoppe Canvas Company CN-15A

 Marlene's Pumpkin canvas for below pillow

 Stitch the canvas above, finish, and attach it to the pillow for instant finishing!

 Mile High Princess MH-104

 Mile High Princess MH-106

 Mile High Princess MH-2401

 Mile High Princess MH-2551

 Mile High Princess MH-2552

 Mile High Princess MH-2611

 Mile High Princess MH-2664

Mile High Princess MH-3022
 Mindy 8A

 Mindy 8C

Mindy 8G
 Mindy 8H

Mindy 8R

 Melissa Prince A-144

 Melissa Prince H-220

 Melissa Prince H-221

 Machelle Somerville MS-046

 Melissa Shirley 1338-E

 Melissa Shirley 1338-F

 Melissa Shirley 1339-B

Melissa Shirley 1339-G
 Melissa Shirley 1339-J

 Melissa Shirley 1704-B

 Melissa Shirley 1704-D

 Melissa Shirley 1704-G

 Melissa Shirley 1705-A

 Melissa Shirley 1705-B

Melissa Shirley 1705-D

Melissa Shirley 1705-E 

 Melissa Shirley 1705-F

 Melissa Shirley1711

 Melissa Shirley DM-03A

 Melissa Shirley DM-53

 Melissa Shirley DM-55A

 Melissa Shirley DM-55B

 Melissa Shirley DM-55C

Melissa Shirley DM-55D
Melissa Shirley DM-55E
 Melissa Shirley DM-80A

 Melissa Shirley DM-80B

Melissa Shirley DM-80C
 Melissa Shirley DM-81B

 Melissa Shirley DM-81C

 Melissa Shirley DM-81D

 Melissa Shirley DM-81E

 Melissa Shirley DM-81F

Melissa Shirley MLT-28
 Machelle Somerville MS-033

 NeedleDeeva 406

NeedleDeeva 413
 NeedleDeeva 427

 NeedleDeeva 428

 NeedleDeeva 432-C

NeedleDeeva 432-E
NeedleDeeva 432-F
NeedleDeeva 432-G
 NeedleDeeva 432-H

 NeedleDeeva 451-G

 NeedleDeeva 451-K

 NeedleDeeva 451-L

NeedleDeeva 451-M
 NeedleDeeva 458-A

 NeedleDeeva 458-B

NeedleDeeva 458-F
NeedleDeeva 458-H
 NeedleDeeva 460

 NeedleDeeva 461-I

NeedleDeeva 467-C
 NeedleDeeva 467-J

 NeedleDeeva 471-G

 NeedleDeeva 471-I

 NeedleDeeva 471-A

 NM Arts 1118

The Oak Tree HW-1
 Princess & Me HC-15

 Princess & Me H-17

 Princess & Me H-21

 Princess & Me H-23

 Princess & Me H-26

 Princess & Me H-27

Princess & Me H-28
Painted Pony 351AJ
 Painted Pony 351AK

 Painted Pony 592AK


Make sure to see Post 1 and Post 3.

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