Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Christmas Animals - Post 1

Our Christmas in July sale --  this year painted canvases are - 
In stock - 25% off
Special order - 20% off
(Club canvases not included.)
We are going to do our best to share ALL in stock canvases over the entire month of July.  This means we will have blog posts on Sundays and Mondays.  Although we are not open on these days, you can always send us an email to purchase your favorite canvas.  We will confirm when we open again.
Today we feature Christmas Animals!!!  Be sure to see Post 2.
 A. Bradley ab11

A. Bradley ab33
 A. Bradley ab114

 A. Bradley ab179

A. Bradley ab336
 A. Bradley ab339

 A. Bradley ab340

A. Bradley ab342
 A. Bradley ab343

A. Bradley ab344
A. Bradley ab346
 A. Bradley ab350

 A. Bradley ab352

 A. Bradley ab353

A. Bradley ab358
 A. Bradley ab359

A. Bradley ab362
A. Bradley ab365
A. Bradley ab367
 A. Bradley ab368

A. Bradley ab369
 A. Bradley ab372

 A. Bradley ab374

 A. Bradley ab375

 A. Bradley ab376

 A Collection of Designs 386

 A Collection of Designs 2599

 A Collection of Designs 2836

 A Collection of Designs 2838

 A Collection of Designs 3074

 A Collection of Designs 3075

A Collection of Designs 3076
 A Collection of Designs 3077

 Amanda Lawford 4417

 Amanda Lawford 7231

 Amanda Lawford 22025

 Amanda Lawford 22055

 Alexa WSN-4

Annie Lane Green Rooster
 Alice Peterson X-62

 Alice Peterson X-114

 Associated Talents CT-1362

 BB Needlepoint Designs BH-9

 BB Needlepoint Designs T-7

BB Needlepoint Designs T-8
 Birds of a Feather AS-722

Birds of a Feather BF-213

 Canvas Connection CH-363B

 City Needleworks CN-266

 City Needleworks LWB-34

 Deux Amis CHM-7

 Deux Amis CHM-10

Deux Amis CHM-15
 Deux Amis CHM-40

Deux Amis CHM-43
 Deux Amis CHM-48

 Deux Amis CHM-51

Deux Amis CHM-52
 Danji BP-05

 Danji LK-57

 DC Designs DO-132

 Dede ED-1298

 Denise 159

 Denise 183

Dream House Ventures VH-3601
 DJ Designs MM-8048

 Elizabeth Turner XO-146V

 Elizabeth Turner XO-146Y

 Elizabeth Turner XO-147A

Elizabeth Turner XO-172P

 Elizabeth Turner XO-174C

 Ewe & Eye & Friends EW-1151

 In Good Company CAS-15

 In Good Company LBS-2

 Jody B-65B

 Jody B-68

 Jody B-157B

Julia's Needleworks MB-23
 Kirk & Bradley KH-403

 Kirk & Bradley KH-405

 Kelly Clark 411

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CM-323
with armadillo critter insert

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CM-336
with cow critter insert

Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-603
 Kathy Schenkel Designs CO-630

 Kathy Schenkel Designs CX-413

 Kathy Schenkel Designs LP-047

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-204

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-210

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-211

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-212

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-306

Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-307
Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-308
Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-309
 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-310

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-311

 Kathy Schenkel Designs PS-312


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