Sunday, July 27, 2014

3-D (and similar) Canvases - Post 2

Our Christmas in July sale --  this year painted canvases are - 
In stock - 25% off
Special order - 20% off
(Club canvases not included.)
We are going to do our best to share ALL in stock canvases over the entire month of July.  This means we will have blog posts on Sundays and Mondays.  Although we are not open on these days, you can always send us an email to purchase your favorite canvas.  We will confirm when we open again.
Today we feature 3-D (and similar) canvases.  Be sure to see Post 1.

 Sew Much Fun Betsy Bird

Sew Much Fun Boy Scarecrow

Sew Much Fun Carol Caroler

Sew Much Fun Cheryl Caroler

 Sew Much Fun Cow

 Sew Much Fun Cuddles Bear

 Sew Much Fun Darryl Caroler

 Sew Much Fun Dash Dog

Sew Much Fun Ella Elephant

Sew Much Fun Girl Scarecrow

Sew Much Fun Give Thanks

 Sew Much Fun Hooter Owl

Sew Much Fun Mary Mouse

Sew Much Fun Mrs. Claus

Sew Much Fun Paulie Penguin

Sew Much Fun Penny Penguin

Sew Much Fun Pirate

Sew Much Fun Pork Chop

Sew Much Fun Andy

Sew Much Fun Raggedy Ann

Sew Much Fun Sports Bear

Sew Much Fun Tweetie Bird

Sew Much Fun Zoe Zebra

Squiggee SQ-5126

 Squiggee SQ-5135

Squiggee SQ-5127

 Squiggee SQ-5136

Squiggee SQ-5137

Squiggee SQ-5141

Squiggee SQ-5142

Squiggee XO-14B

Susan Roberts 201

Susan Roberts 202

Susan Roberts 207

Susan Roberts 214-18

Susan Roberts 228

Susan Roberts 5228-18

Susan Roberts 5238-18

Susan Roberts 5249

Susan Roberts 5250

Susan Roberts 5334-18

Susan Roberts 5335-18

Susan Roberts 5504

Susan Roberts 5507

Susan Roberts 5508

Susan Roberts 5509

Susan Roberts 5515

Susan Roberts 5809

Susan Roberts 5810

Susan Roberts EP-1299

The Studio To-44

The Studio To-45

The Studio To-82

The Studio To-83

The Studio To-105

The Studio To-106

The Studio To-128

 The Studio To-129

Whimsy & Grace 11347

 What's the Point 194-D

What's the Point 194-G

What's the Point 194-K

What's the Point 194-M

What's the Point 194

What's the Point 195-B

What's the Point 195-C


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