Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Studio Midwest Trunk Show

We have toppers and 3-D vehicles with our trunk show from The Studio Midwest.

 To-1, Santa
Santa finished

To-2, Sailor
 To-3, Nutcracker

 To-4, Beefeater

 To-5, Austrian Sweater

 To-6, Duck Sweater

 To-7, Clown

Clown finished

 To-9, Cowboy/Sheriff

 To-10, Fly Fisherman

 To-11, Male Golfer

 To-12, Duck Hunter

 To-13, Child Pink/Flowers

 To-14, Child Blue/Sailboat

 To-15, Child Yellow/Ducks

 To-16, Child Apple/ABC

 To-17, Child Blue/Moon & Stars

 To-18, Leprechaun

 To-20, Uncle Sam

 To-21, Pilgrim

 To-22, Indian

To-24, Count Dracula
 To-25, Scarecrow

 To-27, Baseball

 To-30, Lobster Fisherman

 To-32A, Maharajah

 To-32B, Maharajah (with attachments)

 To-33, Safari Jacket

 To-34, Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus finished

 To-35, Princess

 To-36, Matador

 To-37V, Veterinarian

 To-41, Tennis Player

 To-44, Bride

To-45, Pink Ballerina
 To-46, Bird Watcher

To-47, Angel

 Angel finished

 To-48, Artist

 To-50, Elizabeth I

 To-51, Chinese Coat

 To-52, Japanese Kimono

Kimono finished

 To-53, Mexican Juilpil

 To-54, Bathing Suit

 To-56, Aloha Shirt

 To-57, Snorkler

 To-58, Parker

 To-59, Harley Davidson

 Harley back finished

Harley front finished

 To-61, Napoleon

To-62, George Washington
 To-63, Elvis

 To-64, Fire Fighter

 To-65, Nurse

 To-66, Knight in Armor

Knight finished

 To-67, Jack Frost

 To-68B, Dog Coat

 To-70, Chinese Emperor

 To-71, Thai Dancer

 To-72, Girl Scout

 To-73, Brownie

 To-74, Chef

To-75, Icelandic Sweater

All toppers and 3-D vehicles from The Studio Midwest are 20% off during the trunk show.

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