Thursday, March 27, 2014

Alice Peterson, Barbara Fox, Elizabeth Turner, Sandra Gilmore, and Trubey Designs

 Alice Peterson 2344

 Alice Peterson 2518

 Alice Peterson 2520

 Alice Peterson 2530

 Alice Peterson 2532

Alice Peterson 2539
Alice Peterson 2544
 Alice Peterson 2552

 Alice Peterson 2563

Alice Peterson/Barbara Fox N-438
 Alice Peterson/Barbara Fox N-445

Alice Peterson I-1024
 Alice Peterson X-146 (large round)

Alice Peterson X-148
 Elizabeth Turner S-188

 Elizabeth Turner XO-147W

 Elizabeth Turner XO-174B

 Elizabeth Turner XO-174C

 Elizabeth Turner XO-174D

 Elizabeth Turner XO-174E

 Elizabeth Turner XO-190A

 Sandra Gilmore Jerusalem Window

 Trubey Designs OR-01

Trubey Designs OR-119


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