Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving canvases

There are many great Thanksgiving canvases.  The following are in stock!

 Denise DeRusha 175

 Denise DeRusha 176

 Denise DeRusha 177

 Danji LD-37

 Danji LD-38

 Amanda Lawford DS-08

 Gimmies FAL-110

 Heartstrings HS-2417, with stitch guide

 Renaissance Designs HT-103

 Raymond Crawford HW-93

 KS Designs HX-107

 Kelly Clark KCN-9121-18

 KS Designs MP-231

 KS Designs MP-232

 Melissa Shirley 1338-E

 Painted Pony 592-AK

 Robbyn's Nest R-778

 Raymond Crawford HO-360

Ruth Schmuff 8184, Harvest Owl


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