Saturday, August 24, 2013

St. Charles Market

In a very quick decision, PFOS loaded up and head for the Cash & Carry market in St. Charles.  Here are our finds - some new and some favorites.
 Annie Lane "Bad Dog"
 Annie Lane "Basket Case"
 Annie Lane "Gossip"
 Annie Lane "Senor Rooster"
 Annie Lane "Sheep Falls"
 Annie Lane "Styln"
 Alice Peterson 2399
 Alice Peterson GE-H115
 Alice Peterson X-122
 Alice Peterson X-129
 Birds of a Feather AS-739
 Birds of a Feather AS-740
 Birds of a Feather DI-510
 Danji CH-09
 Danji CH-10
 Danji LB-81
 Danji LB-82
 Danji LB-83
 Danji LB-84
 Danji LB-85
 Kelly Clark KCN-905
 Kelly Clark KCN-906
 Kelly Clark KCN-908
 Kelly Clark KCV-101
 Kelly Clark KCV-102
 Kelly Clark KCV-103
 Kelly Clark KCV-104
 Kelly Clark KCV-105
 Kelly Clark KCV-106
 Leigh 5165
 Leigh 5167
Melissa Shirley 1404
 Melissa Shirley 1687-F
 Melissa Shirley 1688-C
 Melissa Shirley 1688-E

 Melissa Shirley DM-03D
 Melissa Shirley DM-18B
 Melissa Shirley DM-18B
 Needle Deeva 307
 Needle Deeva 309
 Needle Deeva 321
Needle Deeva 721-E
 We love our Beloved & Bewitched club on display in Needle Deeva's room!!!  Remember you can still sign up for the club and receive all of these beauties.  You can also get only your favorites.
 Rebecca Wood 61-A-F
 Rebecca Wood 437-I
 Rebecca Wood 453-L
See something you can't live without?  Give us a call or send us an email.

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