Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here's to New Canvases!!!

 Alice Peterson 2183

 Alice Peterson 2394

 Alice Peterson 2407

 Alice Peterson 2430

 Alice Peterson 3462

 Alice Peterson 3550

 Alice Peterson BF HA-420

 Alice Peterson BF HA-421

 Alice Peterson BF V-408A

 Alice Peterson BF V-408D

 Alice Peterson BF V-408F

 Alice Peterson X-114

 Alice Peterson X-62

CBK Needlework KSH-SS21

 Cheryl Schaeffer CTH-1

 Rebecca Wood 1002-A

 Rebecca Wood 1002-B

 Rebecca Wood 1002-C

 Rebecca Wood 451-A

 Tapestry Fair 833, with stitch guide

*New Book*
Ins & Outs by Elaine of Little Shoppe Canvas Company


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