Saturday, March 30, 2013

Raymond Crawford, Tapestry Fair, Libby Sturdy

 Raymond Crawford HO-360

 Raymond Crawford HO-737 with stitch guide

 Raymond Crawford HO-443 with stitch guide

 Raymond Crawford HO-843; 9" tall on 18 count

 Raymond Crawford HO-774

 Raymond Crawford HO-848

 Tapestry Fair 1039

Tapestry Fair 1040

 Tapestry Fair 1060 with stitch guide

 Tapestry Fair MS-5

Tapestry Fair MS-6

 Libby Sturdy - Jolly Fat Santa
 Libby Sturdy - Red Package Santa

 Libby Sturdy - Juggling Glitzy Santa

Libby Sturdy - Twinkle Toes


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