Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 More Canvases

Canvases from Jean Smith, Raymond Crawford, Rebecca Wood, and The Collection.  Several new canvases and some favorites as well!!!

 Jean Smith 15-I

Jean Smith 31-R

Jean Smith 101-C

 Jean Smith 139B-21

 Jean Smith 139B-22

 Jean Smith 141-Q

 Jean Smith 141-R

 Jean Smith 181-B

 Raymond Crawford HO-224
Raymond Crawford HO-232

Raymond Crawford HO-600

Raymond Crawford HO-770

 Raymond Crawford HO-773

 Raymond Crawford HO-776

Raymond Crawford HW-108

Raymond Crawford HW-109

 Raymond Crawford HW-110

 Raymond Crawford HW-111

 Rebecca Wood 72-D

 Rebecca Wood 452-D

 Rebecca Wood 742-A

 Rebecca Wood 742-B

Rebecca Wood 742-C

 Rebecca Wood 742-D

Rebecca Wood 742-E

 Rebecca Wood 742-F

 Rebecca Wood 742-G

 Rebecca Wood 742-H

 The Collection CH-292B

 The Collection CH-292D

The Collection PI-205NP

Call or email for information on any of the above canvases.

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