Thursday, January 31, 2013

LAST DAY - more In Stock canvases

Today is the LAST DAY of our January sale.  Receive 20% off in stock and special order canvases.
Club canvases not included.

Here are more in stock canvases -

 Melissa Shirley 1527-A

 Melissa Shirley 1527-B

 Melissa Shirley 1527-C

Melissa Shirley 1527-D

 Melissa Shirley 1527-E

 Melissa Shirley 1527-F

 Melissa Shirley 1527-G

 Julie Mar 620

 Julie Mar 621

 Julie Mar 623

 Julie Mar 643

 Julie Mar 622

 Ruth Schmuff 8132

 Ruth Schmuff 8134

 Ruth Schmuff 8125

 Ruth Schmuff 8135

Shelly Tribbey C-674

 Shelly Tribbey C-745

 Raymond Crawford HO-742

 Raymond Crawford HO-82

 Raymond Crawford HO-84

 Kirk & Hamilton KH-386

 KS Designs TL-132

KS Designs TL-135

 Alice Peterson X-59

 Alice Peterson X-61

 Alice Peterson X-66

 Alice Peterson X-69

 Elizabeth Turner XO-146V

Call or send us an email to place a January sale order.

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