Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A Collection of Designs 018

A Collection of Designs 2235

Alice Peterson X82

Alice Peterson X94

Birds of a Feather P602

Birds of a Feather P604

Denise DeRusha 156

Heartstrings 5735

Julie Mar 621

Julie Mar 622

Kelly Clark KCNT-002

Kelly Clark KCNT-009

Mindy 1S

Mindy 5K

Mindy 7B

Mindy 7E
Mindy 7H
Mindy 7N

Mindy 7P

Melissa Shirley 1527A
Melissa Shirley DM-114E

Painted Pony 530AC

Painted Pony 530AE

Rebecca Wood 507C

Rebecca Wood 507D

Rebecca Wood 507E

Rebecca Wood 507F

Rebecca Wood 554B

Renaissance N-175B

Renaissance N-176D

Strictly Christmas COCT-07

Sew Much Fun Tree Tag

Shelly Tribbey C726

Shelly Tribbey C867

Shelly Tribbey TD09

Voila O-10

Voila O-3

Voila S-10-18

Voila S-4-18

Winnetka 340K

Winnetka Heart Tree

Receive 20% off any Christmas themed canvas, in stock or special order. Christmas clubs are excluded. Give us a call or send us an email for more information on these or any other canvases.

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