Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Christmas!

A. Bradley ab114

A Collection of Designs 2546

A Collection of Designs 2547

A Collection of Designs 2548
A Collection of Designs 2549

A Collection of Designs 2833

A Collection of Designs 2836

A Collection of Designs 2842

Amanda Lawford 4374

Amanda Lawford 4375

Amanda Lawford 6187

Amanda Lawford 22027
Alice Peterson X-49

Alice Peterson X-53

Alice Peterson X-60

Alexa GO-1

Cooper Oaks WK-2039

DC Designs D0125

Julia's HD-210

Kelly Clark KDP-36

Kelly Clark KDP-37

Kelly Clark KCN LP-04

Kelly Clark KCN LP-06

Kelly Clark KCN LP-08

Maggie M-1022

Melissa Shirley 1516

Rebecca Wood 41-C

Rebecca Wood 41-D

Rebecca Wood 41-E

Rebecca Wood 41-I

Tapestry Tent ADP-201

Elizabeth Turner XO-146a

Elizabeth Turner XO-146b

Elizabeth Turner XO-146d

Elizabeth Turner XO-146kk

Elizabeth Turner XO-146r

Elizabeth Turner XO-146t

Elizabeth Turner XO-146u

Elizabeth Turner XO-146uu

Elizabeth Turner XO-147a

Elizabeth Turner XO-147f

Get 20% off these and all Christmas related canvases for a few more days.  The Christmas in July sale ends Tuesday, July 31.  Also receive 20% off special order Christmas related canvases.

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