Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Destination Dallas Continued

Even more canvases from Destination Dallas!

A. Bradley - ab114

A. Bradley ab168

A. Bradley ab174

A. Bradley ab175

A. Bradley ab249

Amanda Lawford 4375

Amanda Lawford 22027

Amanda Lawford 6187

Amanda Lawford 21054

Alice Peterson X-49

Alice Peterson X-50

Alice Peterson X-53

Cooper Oaks CC-701

Cooper Oaks SVG-631, stitch guide included

Cooper Oaks WK-2039

Colors of Praise IF-122

Colors of Praise MC-161

Colors of Praise ST-1115

Strictly Christmas CSC-104

Strictly Christmas CSC-81

Danji AW-02

Danji AW-10, stitch guide included 

Danji AW-14, stitch guide included 

Danji LB-62

Danji LB-64

DC Designs DE-110

Denise DeRusha 156

Denise DeRusha 398

Denise DeRusha 401

Denise DeRusha 420

Denise DeRusha 477

Denise DeRusha 483

Denise DeRusha 497

Denise DeRusha 414

Denise DeRusha 510

Denise DeRusha 514

Elizabeth Turner XO-146Y

Julia's Needlework HD-210

Julia's Needlework JBD-86

Julia's Needlework S-265

Kelly Clark KCN-70

Kelly Clark KCN-630

Kelly Clark KCN-631

Kelly Clark KCN-632

Kelly Clark KCNLP-07

Kelly Clark KCNLP-09

Kelly Clark KDP-36

Kelly Clark KDP-37

Kelly Clark KPF51-18

Kelly Clark KPF53-18

Kelly Clark KPF54-18

Kelly Clark KPF55-18

Kelly Clark KPF56-18

Kirk & Hamilton KH-116

Kirk & Hamilton KH-214

Kirk & Hamilton KH-237

Kirk & Hamilton KH-238

Kirk & Hamilton KH-368LT, stitch guide included

Kirk & Hamilton KH-369LT

Kirk & Hamilton KH-371LT

Libby Sturdy - Coneflower

Libby Sturdy - Tulip

Little Shoppe Canvas Company CN-9A 

Little Shoppe Canvas Company CN-10A

Melissa Prince A-113

Melissa Prince MPR-106

Needle Deeva 453F

Needle Deeva 453G

Needle Deeva 453H

Needle Deeva 453I

Needle Deeva 701

Needle Deeva 706

Needle Deeva 709

Needle Deeva 1349Y

Needle Graphics COR-217

Needle Graphics MS07

Pajamas and Chocolate CL-1

Pajamas and Chocolate HI-28

Pajamas and Chocolate WC-8

Pajamas and Chocolate WC-10

Painted Pony 874BK

Painted Pony 994CH, Galapagos Islands

Painted Pony 994CI, Vatican City

Painted Pony 994DN, Indiana

Painted Pony 996GJ, Geisha Girl

Painted Pony 996GK, Christmas Candy

Painted Pony 999U-TX02

Raymond Crawford CC-16

Raymond Crawford CC-20

Raymond Crawford HO-104

Raymond Crawford HO-159

Raymond Crawford HO-362

Raymond Crawford HO-721

Raymond Crawford HO-728

Raymond Crawford HO-731

Raymond Crawford HO-737

Raymond Crawford HO-730

Raymond Crawford HW-68

Raymond Crawford HW-79

Raymond Crawford HW-93

Raymond Crawford QT-113

Raymond Crawford QT-75

Raymond Crawford QT-78

Renaissance Designs B-104

Renaissance Designs DTH102IA, Stitch guide included

Renaissance Designs TOC-104B

Renaissance Designs TOH-101A, stitch guide included 

Renaissance Designs TOC-101

Renaissance Designs TOH-103, stitch guide included

Renaissance Designs TOH-105, stitch guide included

Renaissance Designs TOS-102

Robbyn's Nest R756

Robbyn's Nest R758A

Robbyn's Nest R760-13

Robbyn's Nest R762

Robbyn's Nest R775-13

Robbyn's Nest R778-18

Robbyn's Nest R855

Sew Much Fun Christmas Friends

Sew Much Fun
Christmas Owl and Santa Owl

Sew Much Fun Christmas Turkey 

Sew Much Fun Tallulah Turkey

Susan Roberts 5501

Strictly Christmas SS-02
Here they are!  More canvases were order and we will keep you updated when they arrive.

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