Thursday, December 30, 2010

A funny saying or two

Here are a few words of ummmm.. wisdom? Whatever they are, we hope they make you laugh a little!
Will work for shoes
Remember...changing the toilet paper roll doesn not cause.....brain damage!
Shoe princess
Bark if you love me
Too much of a good thing is simply wonderful
You make it hard not to believe in angels
An unkept house is better than a life unlived!
Where the hell is Easy St
Better to have laugh wrinkles than worry warts
I'm not single just an unclaimed treasure
Don't think of it as getting hot flashes.....Think of it as your inner child playing with matches.....
M is for mom not for maid
The rooster may rule the roost but the hen rules the rooster
I'm just a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie Doll world
Even if the voices are not real they do have some pretty good ideas......
If the broom fits.....ride it
All unsupervised children will be given sugar and a kitty

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