Sunday, September 26, 2010

These women have made some REAL PROGRESS! woohoo!

Our stitching retreaters are the most wonderful students in the world! They had a great time learning new tips and tricks from Julia Snyder. If you will click on the pictures below they will become bigger, and you will be able to see even more stitching detail. Here is their progress thus far...
Annette is beading all of her letters. It is looking great!
Button finished stitching her cat, and she has moved on to the tree stump. You go girl!
Cindy will have a masterpiece when she is finished with this canvas! She has stitched sections all over this baby!
Claudia could have this piece finished today. She really made some good progress over the weekend!
Janet's piece is one of our favorites. She is quite the stitcher, and she even discovered a new thread to use and love! River Silks ribbons are Janet's new best friend - she even said it could replace floss!
Judith made everyone laugh at the sight of those funny lips! Hilarious!
Karen's witch is so elegant. She is using glow-in-the-dark Krienik on the background. We all went into the dark bathroom to check out the glowing canvas!
Lisa's star from Mindy is so much fun. Love the patchwork look!
Pam has some really cool open-stitch backgrounds working on this canvas.
Tisha is having a great time working her way around this large witch. Lookin' good Tisha!
Tracy's stitch guide includes all kinds of wonderfully creative stitches. This canvas would be a fun one to work on!
Vicki's witch is coming to life with those stitches. Her leaves are a favorite among the group. She used River Silks ribbons to create gorgeous flying leaves.
All of these wonderful canvases have professional stitch guides written by Julia Snyder. If you are interested in any of these canvases we would be more than happy to make a complete kit for you. Give us a call or send us an e-mail with any questions you may have!

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