Friday, May 28, 2010

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

The classic Trolley Neelde is great for basic thread laying. Place the tool on your thumb - it is adjustable, so one size fits all.
This long laying tool has a plastic handle that has good grip. It is a very sharp tool and could also be used as a hole reamer.
The BLT, Best Laying Tool, is a good size to throw in your small stitching bag. It is very basic in design and will get the job done!

This glass artisan laying tool is a beautiful and functional instrument. It would be a great gift for your stitching friends.
The wood grain in this laying tool is absolutely beautiful. There is a screw-on cap that makes this tool great for traveling. You won't have to worry if your bag is being ripped by the sharp tip because it will be safe inside its beautiful cover!
Our other wood laying tool is a full sized laying tool inside a wooden case. The wood is so soft and smooth - you will enjoy laying threads with this great tool.
These bags are so summery! We are loving the juicy prints..
Each small bag is 8" wide x 5" tall x 3" deep, and the wrist strap is detachable. Sara is currently carrying the cherry print bag.
The tote is a perfect companion to the smaller bags.
Measuring 24" wide x 15" tall x 7.5" deep with a 10" handle drop, this bag is great for traveling with larger pieces. When you are not using it for stitching you could take it to the beach!
Have you seen our beautifully stitched Santa? Rhea and Nancy stitched him as a team. They did great work, and this piece is truly a treasure in our shop.
The stitch guide and threads are available with this canvas. Let us know what we can do for you!

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